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Welcome to Moxy #BlankCanvas
We are giving artists and creators around the world unique opportunities to create artwork for our brand new Moxy hotel openings.
Get to Know: Sophie Barrott
Meet Sophie Barrott, the artist who designed the video art footage for Moxy's New York City Downtown lobby!!
Capture the vibe of Washington D.C. and the Dada art movement for Moxy Washington D.C. Downtown
Artists are invited to design visual artwork in the Dada art style for Moxy Washington D.C. Downtown.
Seen It: Moxy Times Square Masterclass
Talenthouse recently collaborated with Moxy Times Square to create the first ever Moxy Masterclass which taught people how to create street-art! Check out the pictures of masterclass event.
Seen It: Moxy Amsterdam Masterclass
Talenthouse recently collaborated with Moxy Amsterdam to create a new Moxy Masterclass which taught people how to illustrate! Check out pictures of the amazing masterclass event.
Get to Know: Kristel Steenbergen
Meet Kristel Steenbergen, the illustrator who drew a mural in the Moxy Amsterdam Hotel!
Illustrate stories of Amsterdam for Moxy Amsterdam Houthavens
Moxy is looking for a Dutch artist to be their Artist-in-Residence at the new Moxy Amsterdam Houthavens hotel.
Getting Away With It
Create a Selfie Wall Mural Live for Moxy Frankfurt East
Artists from Europe are invited to design a wall mural for the Moxy Frankfurt East Reception Area.
Become the Artist In Residence at Moxy Times Square, NYC
Artists from around the world are invited to design a wall panel for the Moxy Times Square hotel in New York.
I'm coming out so let the party started ...
NYC Colorful flamingo
Bring to life the brand new Moxy Hotel Berlin
Artists have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their work installed at Moxy Hotel Berlin.
Williams Bear G
the sweetest thing
New ColOrleans
Create visual artwork for Moxy Phoenix Tempe Hotel
Moxy Tempe invites artists of various mediums to create an installation to be featured within their new hotel.
Create for Moxy's In-Room Photography Project
Moxy Hotels invite photographers to submit photos for the in-room panels in their London & Bristol locations.
Art for Moxy Phoenix Tempe Hotel
Spiritual Warrior
Cactus Land 5
Get to Know: Brian Hill
Accomplished fashion designer, Executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week and MOXY Tempe Creative Invite judge Brian Hill tells us about the fashion scene in Arizona, the MOXY Tempe Hotel and his female athletic fashion line.
Create visual artwork for Moxy Hotel New Orleans
Visual artists are invited to create contemporary artwork for the Moxy Hotel New Orleans.
Mermaid Jazz Song
Moxy Selected Artist Nune D'amico Kerobyan
Visual artists around the world with a specialty in illustration, painting, or graffiti art were invited to create art for Moxy Hotel Milan. Hundreds of amazing submissions worldwide poured in for this Creative Invite.
Get to Know: Raymond Clearwater
Get to know the Arizona artist and MOXY Tempe Creative Invite guest judge Raymond Clearwater.
Get to Know: Skip Bolen
Capturing stills for films and TV shows like "Scream Queens," master photographer Skip Bolen gives us insights into the photography industry and his love for "The Big Easy."
Titulo: Antibiotico
Create art for Moxy Hotel Milan
Moxy Hotel Milan is giving artists the chance to have their art featured in their newest property.
Patata Americana germogliata
Beyonce - www.kjpur.blogspot.de
Belomor Boy vs. Stella Artois Girl
Fragrance of Flowers
Urban Flow