Talenthouse recently collaborated with Moxy Amsterdam to create a new Moxy Masterclass with the Selected Artist, Kristel Steenbergen, as the star teacher. Steenbergen taught 27 people from local press and media the creative style of illustration! During the two hour class at Moxy Amsterdam, the guests received an introduction to Steenbergen and her vast background in illustration as a passion.



To start off, each of the guests were given a pack of 3 postcards with semi-finished animals on them and were asked to fill in the blanks. The guests were free to interpret the postcards in any way they wanted as long as it said something about themselves and personalities. Steenbergen asked the class not to feel restricted to drawing something realistic and just use colors, shapes and anything that could express what they thought. With Steenbergen's guidance, the guests all created their own brilliant postcards with one guest even only drawing two lines on the postcard.    

postcards_masterclass_Front 1 copy.jpg


Once finished with their postcards and a bit of practice, the guests were given a Moxy Canvas, each with a section of larger image. After teaching the guests how to use acrylic paint markers and a couple of funny mishaps, the guests started drawing on the canvases that were inspired by the Moxy Hotel and its surroundings. Some guests used the harbor as an inspiration, while others used the colors of the shipping containers from ships surrounding the hotel. After the guests finished their canvases, the canvases were hung together on a wall to form a big mural of a hipster giraffe.



Each piece depicted the guest’s unique artistic style and came together to create one larger vibrant art piece. Everyone at the event enjoyed learning more about illustration and creating their own personal masterpieces. With smiles across the workspace during the entire class. 

"It's such a special experience explaining what illustration is to a very diverse group of people and then actually seeing how well they can all express themselves through images!" - Kristel Steenbergen







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