Talenthouse recently collaborated with Moxy Times Square to create the first ever Moxy Masterclass! A class where the star was Talenthouse Artist, Scott Zimmerman, who taught 20 journalists how to create amazing street-art inspired by #getawaywithit. Located on a New York rooftop, Zimmerman showed people proper spray-can techniques, tricks and handling. During the 2-hour class, everyone around got to participate in the creation of a mural painted on a canvas and learn about the history of New York's street-art. The journalists added their part to the final art piece that was inspired by Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring." Check out pictures of the masterclass event and stay tuned for future Moxy Masterclasses that might be available near you!




2P2A0866 (1).jpg


Keep an eye out for future Moxy Masterclasses coming soon and check out our last Moxy Times Square Creative Invite