Artist and guest judge for the MOXY Tempe Creative Invite Raymond Clearwater has sold many of his paintings to institutional, corporate and private collectors worldwide. Inspired by his world travels and seasonal moving between Arizona and Austria, Clearwater's artwork reflects the tone and colors of the environment he is in. Get to know the Arizona artist as he clues us in to his creative process, insights into Tempe, Arizona, the Moxy Tempe Hotel, and the types of submissions he's looking for.



TH: What advice would you give visual artists before they start working on their submissions?
RC: Take a deep breath, organize your thoughts and let the creative process flow. 

TH: As an artist, what is something you know now that you wish you had known when you were first starting out
RC: When I first started out I wish I had a better knowledge of contracts. I would also sought out a trustworthy Art Representative to promote and sell my artwork. My Art Representative has freed my time to just focus on creating new works.


TH: What are you looking for in these Moxy Tempe Hotel visual art submissions?
RC: I think the perfect visual art fit for Moxy would be a trend forward eclectic, juxtaposing composition. The artwork should represent Moxy's unique brand and incorporate its elements of Interior Design.

TH: What is your creative process like?
RC: My creative process starts with a lot of preparation. I organize my studio to relax my mind. Before I touch brush to canvas I will process my thoughts in sketches until to elements come together.

TH: When did you start creating artwork? What type of equipment do you use (if any)?
RC: I think I have always created art in some fashion growing up. Since, I have 3 studios my equipment is minimal. Last summer, I even painted on an old table in a farmhouse in Austria.


TH: What do you like most about Tempe, Arizona?
RC: What I love about Tempe is the vibe. The city always has something to see and do. Tempe's public arts program always has been a favorite.

TH: What 3 words would you use to describe the Moxy Tempe Hotel?
RC: I think the 3 words to best describe Tempe would be: Enterprise, Education and Diversity.

TH: For someone that has never been to Tempe, Arizona, what are some things (can be anything) not to be missed.
RC: If someone has never been to Tempe, I would suggest exploring Mill Avenue, take a walk/jog along side of Tempe Town Lake or immersing yourself in the Arizona State University campus. To add a bit of culture, visit the ASU art museum or take in a show at the Tempe Center for the Arts. 

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