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Moxy Selected Artist Nune D'amico Kerobyan

November 24, 2014, in Featured Creators, and Creative Briefs
Visual artists around the world with a specialty in illustration, painting, or graffiti art were invited to create art for Moxy Hotel Milan. Hundreds of amazing submissions worldwide poured in for this Creative Invite.
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Get to Know: Raymond Clearwater

May 11, 2016, in Creative Briefs
Get to know the Arizona artist and MOXY Tempe Creative Invite guest judge Raymond Clearwater.
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Get to Know: Brian Hill

May 18, 2016, in Creative Briefs
Accomplished fashion designer, Executive Director of Phoenix Fashion Week and MOXY Tempe Creative Invite judge Brian Hill tells us about the fashion scene in Arizona, the MOXY Tempe Hotel and his female athletic fashion line.
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Get to Know: Sophie Barrott

November 28, 2018, in Creative Briefs
Meet Sophie Barrott, the artist who designed the video art footage for Moxy's New York City Downtown lobby!!
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Seen It: Moxy Glasgow Masterclass

February 11, 2019, in Creative Briefs
Talenthouse recently collaborated with Moxy Glasgow for a new Moxy Masterclass which taught people how to screen-print! Check out the pictures of masterclass event.
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