Talenthouse recently collaborated with new Moxy Glasgow hotel, to create a Moxy Masterclass experience for local press and competition winners. Dundee based Talenthouse artist Steven Peebles hosted the event, and taught 12 art lovers the creative style of line and screen printing!
During the 3 hour class, guests received an introduction to Steven’s creative experience, processes and insight into the inspiration behind his eye-catching designs. They were shown and practiced print making skills using new tools, went through their own creative process to produce their own artwork using the new skills they learned. Everyone got stuck in and created their own lino print design, and created paper prints, and customised tote bags with their design.
Guests also learned about the screen printing process, and were given the opportunity to print artwork themselves from one of Steven’s unique Glasgow inspired screens.
Check out these pictures from the Masterclass!



TH: How would you describe your creative style?
SP: I create work as an intuitive exploration into my own alternate universe.  Ideas are transferred and developed between the 2D and 3D to find new ways of catching a glimpse into this world, while also finding ways to engage the audience.

TH: Where does your inspiration come from?
SP: The inspiration for my work comes from loads of different sources, from skate art to surrealism, sacred geometry and lowbrow art. When working, I like to let whichever medium I’m using influence and inspire the outcomes. I feel it’s important to use your intuition to help guide you through creative experiments.


TH: How was it to host Blank Canvas Masterclass at the Moxy Glasgow hotel?
SP: I had a great time, everyone at the hotel was super friendly and helpful, which made set up and clean down a breeze. The space that we had to work in was amazing as well; the whole feel of the place was creative and inspiring.
TH: Everyone at the Masterclass got really stuck in! How did you feel the session went?
SP: It went really well! I couldn’t be any happier; everyone in the class was enthusiastic and willing to try something new. As soon as they had the tools in their hands away they went!  No one was afraid of getting their hands dirty which was perfect.



TH: Have you ever done anything like this before?
SP: No this was actually the first workshop I’ve ever run. It’s always been something I’ve been interested in doing, but the opportunity just never arose.
TH: What’s next for your creative career?
SP: Next for me, I plan to do a lot more printing. I print and sell my own tshirts so I hope to do a lot more of that this year. I’m also going on to study a Masters in printmaking at the end of the year, so loads of new work coming!



TH: Anything else you’d like to say / add about the Masterclass / art in general?
SP: Just a huge thanks to Moxy Glasgow for having me! I had the best time.






Stay tunned for more Moxy Masterclasses soon! What art classes have you taken recently?