Visual artists around the world with a specialty in illustration, painting, or graffiti art were invited to create art for Moxy Hotel Milan. Hundreds of amazing submissions worldwide poured in for this Creative Invite, but only three talented artists were selected by Moxy Hotels and their panel of acclaimed judges to compete head to head at Moxy Milan live 'Black Canvas' painting event on October 30th in front of everyone including art media.


Nune D`amico KerobyanHector Darcos, and Ana Androska were the three talented finalists that were chosen to go on the free round-trip to Milan, Italy with a three night stay at the Moxy Hotel. While there, they where provided with a brief for the final 'Blank Canvas' event to create a new art piece. With the pressure on, and everyone watching as they created their masterpieces, they painted away, and in the end Nune was selected as the winner for the 'Blank Canvas' event at Moxy Hotel.

As the final Selected Artist for the event in Moxy Milan, Nune was given the opportunity to become the Blank Canvas "Artist in Residence," meaning she will get the incredible opportunity to design and curate work for the next Moxy Hotel. Her artwork was put up for display in the Moxy Milan Living Room for everyone to enjoy, had her work featured across Moxy's social channels and received $3,000 in cash.

"We were given only 60 minutes and it was an unforgettable experience! In the beginning I was nervous about time and audience, but when I stood there, it was only me, my black canvas, white and pink markers. I almost finished in half an hour and the other 30 minutes I used completing the details. I couldn't imagine being happier then at the moment when I was announced a winner!" - Nune D`amico Kerobyan


Coming from a creative family, Nune was only at the age of 4-5 years old when she started to take part in art exhibitions and contests having already a couple of creative years beforehand. She was 15 when she started to attend a Fine Arts Academy and received her diploma with honors in Industrial Design at 19. When it comes to art style, Nune defines herself as a mix between classic painting and modern graphics. As an artist, Nune likes to add subtle patterns to her pieces using pens and markers, then finally discovering how her artwork will end up looking once it's finished.

"I can find inspiration almost in everything - it can be sunrise, the wether or just humans emotions. Besides, I live in Italy and this is my biggest inspiration!"- Nune D`amico Kerobyan

Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh are amongst her favorite artists due to Dali's energy and beauty in his artworks and the use of colors in Van Gogh's pieces. Nune is currently working on a sensitive piece where she said, "two extremes meet, black and white, feminine and machismo." She also want's to continue working on her Rome series and decorating objects for interior design. She is planning on transferring objects from her everyday life into art, which could include mirrors, clocks, tables, and many other things.

Nune was gracious enough to give some tips and inspiration to her fellow artists. Here is what she had to say:

"I would like to say that the most important is to listen to your inner voice and whatever you do you should do it for yourself. Do not hesitate to use all the opportunities that life gives you! Try everything, for example, take a part in Talenthouse projects and you may become a winner like I am."- Nune D`amico Kerobyan

Work and practice on your artistic styles and voice, you will eventually find one you like and then be recognized for it. Update your Talenthouse profile and enter Creative Invites, these are amazing opportunities for you as an artist to build up your portfolio and presence and collaborate with amazing brands.


Nune's permanent mural at Moxy Milan.